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Taiwan Border is about to be OPEN

for 0-day Quarantine


The government temporarily scheduled a new policy of epidemic prevention, which might kick off on October 13, 2022.

 0-day quarantine + 7-day self-initiated epidemic prevention



 7-day self-initiated epidemic prevention

    • Four rapid test kits will be given to arrivals aged two and older by workers at international airports/ports upon arrival.
      • Time to use Rapid Test Kits
        • Rapid testing on the day of arrival.
        • Testing measures before out of residence/hotel with negative result on every 2 days.
        • Symptoms develop during the self-initiated epidemic prevention period.
      • Self-initiated epidemic prevention
        • One person per residence in his or her stay in a hotel
        • Activities allowed (epidemic prevention measures shall be followed):
          • Go to work, conduct onsite visits, give speeches, or have meetings.
          • Dine alone or with specific persons.


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Taiwan Centers for Disease Control