Visa & Useful Information


Updated Time: 2022-10-22

Considering that Taiwan's entry and exit regulations may change at any time according to the epidemic situation, the organizing committees would update the latest policy as soon as the government announced it.


  1. Nationals of the following countries are eligible for the visa exemption program, with a duration of stay of up to 90 days: Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Eswatini*, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras*, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Marshall Island*, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, North Macedonia*(effective till March 31, 2025), Norway, Palau, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tuvalu*, the United Kingdom, the United States of America*,and Vatican City State.
  2. Nationals of the following countries are eligible for the visa exemption program, with a duration of stay of up to 30 days: Belize*, Dominican Republic, Malaysia, Nauru, St. Kitts and Nevis*, Saint Lucia*, Saint Vincent, Singapore and the Grenadines.
  3. Nationals of the following countries are eligible for the visa exemption program, with a duration of stay of up to 14 days: Brunei (effective till July 31, 2023), Philippines (effective till July 31, 2023), Thailand (effective till July 31, 2023)


  1. A passport with remaining validity of at least six months as of the date of entry.
  2. A confirmed return air/sea ticket or air/sea ticket and a visa for the next destination, and a confirmed seat reservation for departure flight.
  3. Holders of Brunei, Philippines and Thailand passports must have: A proof of accommodation (hotel) booking, host / sponsor's contact information and sufficient travel funds.
  4. For more information, please visit:


Step 1.:  Complete the online registration of AOCMP 2022
  • Request the Invitation Letter from the Conference Secretariat, once the online registration process and payment is made
    Registration & Abstract Submission Office

    Ms. Patricia Chen
    Office: +886-2-2798-8329 Ext.15
    Fax: +886-2-2798-6225

Step 2.:  Online application of entry permit
  • Online visa application form (
  • Read the important announcement carefully, tick the “I have read and agreed to the above terms and conditions,” and click on “Confirm & Continue
  • Create a New General VISA Application Form by filling in the Travel Details
  • Send out and Submit the application form to obtain the Application Temporary No. & Application No.
  • Print out and Sign the application form

Step 3.: Prepare requires documents for application and appear to the local Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan), to apply for the Business VISA.

Requirements Description
Completed & signed the application form Please access the website: to fill out application form online and print it out.
Two passport-size photos in color within 6 months Photos with a white color background
Passport (original & photocopy) Valid for 6 months with blank pages
Evidence of business activities 1. Invitation Letter
2. Ongoing letters, and trading records (e.g.  LC, remittance receipt...etc.)
Details of the contact person in Taiwan name, address, telephone number...etc.
Other additional documents may be required during the processing Ticket, electronic ticket, or proof of a travel agency
It is recommended to contact the local office in advance to confirm the required documents

The Policy of Epidemic Prevention for COVID-19

As the pandemic of COVID-19 around the world is changeable, the epidemic prevention policy from the government is changing day by day. You may see the most updated policy in Taiwan via the below website.