Presentation Guideline

E-Poster Presentation

The poster will be displayed on the E-Poster Station in the venue and AOCMP 2022 Hybrid Congress Platform online. E-Poster Presenters will need to provide following files to ensure presentation before November 21st

  1. Vertically 16:9 ratio E-Poster file in JPG format
  2. 2 min. pre-recording video to present E-Poster (Presenters are encouraged to provide the video.)

Please rename your files with Your Name and upload the files through below links.

E-Poster File:  

Pre-recording Video:

  1. Authorization Form


For the example of E-Poster file and the guideline of pre-recording video, please check via the link:


Online Oral Presentation

As an Online Oral presenter, you are required to provide a 10 min. presentation with 2 min. Q&A session. The presentation can be given by LIVE presenting or via a pre-recorded video. However, no matter which presenting way that presenters decided to provide, please kindly be informed that it is mandatory for all presenters to submit a 10 min. pre-recorded video and join Q&A session LIVE.


Please provide the 10 min. pre-recorded video through below link before November 21st.

Pre-recorded Video: (Please rename the file with your name before uploading.)


For the example of the slides and the guideline of pre-recording video, please check via the link: 

Onsite Oral Presentation

Onsite Oral Presentation Information and Oral Presenting Number is already sent out along with the presentation notice.

Instructions for Oral Presentation:

  • Please note that you will need to prepare a 10-minute presentation of the submitted abstract and 2-minute Q&A time.
  • To ensure that the sessions and Q&A go smoothly, each presentation is strictly timed. Please do not exceed 10 minutes.
  • Each session room will be equipped with a laptop (Windows 10, MS-PowerPoint 2016) and a data projector. All speakers are requested to use the provided laptop by the congress to prevent any technical issues and smooth the process.
  • Only files in MS-PowerPoint 2016 or earlier versions (*.ppt and *.pptx) with a screen ratio of 16:9 in horizontal slides will be accepted.
  • Video recommendations: in PowerPoint 2010, we recommend that you use .wmv files, while in PowerPoint 2013 and later versions, .mp4 files are suggested. If you are using PowerPoint 2007 or older versions, please do remember to upload your video files in case they cannot be embedded into the slides.
  • It is suggested to review your slides in Preview Room (Room 202, 2F); however, please upload the final version of your slides on the laptop provided in each session room AT LEAST 15 MINUTES BEFORE the session. Please note that the slides attached to emails cannot be processed.


Preview Room Service Hours:

Preview Room


Service Hours

Room 202, 2F

Howard Civil Service International House

Saturday, December 10, 2022


Sunday, December 11, 2022


Monday, December 12, 2022



  • Please arrive at your session room at least 15 minutes earlier in order to meet the session chair and re-confirm your presentation slides.
  • The Congress staff members will be in the session room to provide any relevant assistance.


*The requirement of presenting Material is already sent out to each E-Poster presenter and Online Oral presenter. And the Onsite Oral Presentation Notice is already sent out to each Onsite Oral presenter. If you did not receive the email, please kindly contact Congress Secretariat Mr. Skylar Wu, thank you.

AOCMP 2022 Congress Secretariat

Mr. Skylar Wu

Office: +886-2-2798-8329 ext. 18

Fax: +886-2-2798-6225